Anita and Kaja on German TV
Guests at Stefanie Hertel Show “Meine Stars”
On Saturday, 11th September 2016, Anita and her daughter were guests of German broad- caster MDR and host Stefanie Hertel in her show “Stefanie Hertel – meine Stars”(“Stefanie Hertel – my stars”).They thrilled the audience with Anita’s unforgettable 1971 hit “Schön ist es auf der Welt zu sein”, which they sang as a duet. Hard to believe that it was Kaja’s first ever performance on either stage or TV, so professional and natural did she come across.To To hear Kaja sing runs shivers down your spine and makes you want to hear more of her. Kaja and Anita – that’s two expressive, powerful voices that get under your skin and are in perfect harmony with each other. For their performance they were rewarded with a huge round of applause.
Following this, Anita presented her new song “Kleiner Schatz” (“Little darling”), which is dedicated to her first grandchild. The music was written by Solveig Guttormsen Haslie. Again the audience was thrilled and showed clearly how delighted they were to see Anita return to the German stage at long last.