THE HEGERLANDS On December, 24th, Anita, her two daughters Greta and Kaja and her grandchildren were guest in the German TV, channel ZDF in the Show “Heiligabend mit Carmen Nebel”. Also Anita´s great guitarist Espen Rogne was flew in specially from Norway. Together Anita, Greta and Kaja sang the song “Glade jul, hellige jul” (Silent night). The performance of the Hegerlands was fascinating! It was a very special experience to listen to this three beautiful voices, that harmonise perfectly. The sound moved many visitors to tears and sent shivers down their spines. Anita´s little grandchildren, Greta´s daughter felt visibly well on stage and did not show any stage fright. The audience listened rapturously and rewarded the brilliant performance with an almost never-ending applause.
After the show, the audience stormed to the stage around Anita and her daughters. Again the people expressed their joy and enthusiasm a bout the fantastic performance. Anita, Greta and Kaja signed willingly a lot of autographs to the enthusiastic Fans.