Biography Anita was born as the eldest of three children on 3 March 1961 in Sandefjord, a small town near the Oslofjord in the south east of Norway. Before she had reached the age of 10 she was known throughout Norway as “our little darling”. “Anita from Sandefjord is our new pop discovery” and “7 year old heart throb on course for media stardom” read the headlines of the first newspaper articles in her Norwegian home country. Anita was discovered in December 1968 at a Christmas party for children in Sandefjord. Father Christmas encouraged the children to walk up to him and sing a song. Anita jumped onto the stage and immediately won the hearts of everyone listening with her songs “I natt jag drömde” (Last night I dreamt) and “Kom til meg” (Come to me). Father Christmas turned out to be Norwegian entertainer and songwriter Fredrik Friis Olsen, who there and then invited her to an audition. The next day’s newspaper carried the headline “Yesterday a star was born”. Six months later Anita launched her first single in Norway with the songs “Albertino/Hvis jeg var en fugl”. Both songs became huge hits and Anita’s bright and bubbly personality combined with her fantastic voice took the public by storm. She launched her first album, “Trollmannen Lurifiks”, the same year, and other successful recordings quickly followed, each achieving huge sales. Anita swiftly gained several silver, gold, diamond and platinum records. In 1970 Anita recorded her first Swedish single “Mitt sommarlov” and immediately reached second place in the “Svensktoppen” where she remained for a total of eleven weeks including seven weeks as Number One. Bulgaria also took notice of her and she thrilled the public at the International Bulgarian Song Contest “Golden Orpheus”. In the same year the Norwegian newspaper “VG” awarded her the Silver Box for her achievements; and at the end of the year she was voted the “Best Loved Female Singer of the Year” by an overwhelming majority of readers of the Norwegian magazine “DET NYE”. In early 1971 “DET NYE” presented her with the Silver Microphone in recognition of this vote. Anita took part in the Norwegian selections for the Eurovision Song Contests in 1971 with “Gig meg en Zebra” where she came fourth and in 1972 with “Happy Hippie” where she came third. From the start Anita was accompanied on her travels and all her stage appearances by her mother Thurid. In Germany, where Anita has been known since 1971 and quickly became a favourite with the public, Thurid was always around to look after her cheerful and lively little girl. Together with the unforgotten German singer Roy Black, the then ten year old sang the great hit “Schön ist es auf der Welt zu sein” (Great to be alive) and won gold twice: the “Goldener Löwe” on March 04th, 1972 (Golden Lion) awarded by Radio Luxembourg and the “Goldene Schallplatte” (Golden Record) on April 14th,1972. The song stayed in the German top ten for 18 weeks and came third in the charts in Denmark, where the pair were awarded the Cup of Copenhagen in recognition of their achievement. “Schön ist es auf der Welt zu sein” now ranks amongst the golden oldies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia and the Benelux countrie. In 1972 Anita and Roy Black joined the Fischer choirs in their tour of Germany. (The Fischer choirs are children’s and adult choirs conducted by Gotthilf Fischer; they sometimes combine to form a single choir of around 1,500 voices). The stage was “bombarded” with soft toys and flowers, and Anita’s hotel rooms often resembled florist’s shops. Anita and Roy frequently appeared in TV shows, where Anita also won her audiences over with solo titles such as “Cowboy Susie”, “Papi und Mami” or “Der frechste Spatz vom Campingplatz”. Her “big” colleagues, including Roy Black, Peter Alexander, fellow Norwegian Wencke Myhre and the producers enjoyed working with the talented little girl. Anita’s self-discipline, her easy-going nature and her ability to concentrate during recordings, or rehearsals for TV shows, even after several repetitions, continually amazed the adults. Alongside her singing career Anita, together with the German singers Roy Black and Chris Roberts and the Dutch-born presenter Rudi Carrell (to name but a few), also starred in three films made between 1971 and 1973. Anita has particularly fond memories of filming near Lake Wörth in Austria where she was joined by all her family who spent their holiday there. “The time in Austria was incredibly good fun” she remembers. In 1972 Anita was invited to get involved in the Norwegian version of Walt Disney’s “Mary Poppins” (Jane Bank) and in 1973 she sang “Eget hjem” in “Jungle Book” and also did the voice-over for the girl from the human settlement By 1976 Anita had produced several more records in Scandinavia and Germany before she took a break to focus on her education. Between 1980 and 1985 Anita successfully launched three albums and several singles in Scandinavia. The single “What about me” was top of the charts in the whole of Scandinavia in 1982. In the summer Anita toured Norway and Sweden and was voted the most successful female artist Norway’s. In 1983 she again entered the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, singing “Nå er jeg alene". In addition she performed on the Canary Islands of Gran Canary, Lanzarote and Tenerife. In Bulgaria she was dubbed a “superstar” and became a crowd puller for many TV shows. She also took part in the Bulgarian song festival where she won the audience award. In early 1982 Anita was given another chance to showcase her acting talent in the film “Six Guns and Country-Western- Show. Filming of the musical western took place in Miami, Florida. Anita starred in two further films, both filmed in Norway and shown in 1985 and 1987. The terrible famine in Africa in 1985 was the catalyst for “Forente Artister”, a group of Norwegian artists and musicians who got together to record the song “Sammen, For Livet” (Together for life). All profits from the sale of the song were donated to aid projects in the African disaster areas. Of course Anita did not hesitate to join them, which was, in fact, entirely in line with her own wish to help. 1984 saw her first meeting with the British composer and multi-instrumentalist Mike Oldfield. As part of his “Discovery Tour” he gave a concert in Norway where Anita handed him a demo tape with her songs. He got in touch with her a year later to record a video single, “Pictures in the Dark”. The song quickly reached the German top ten and came first in all the international charts; and the music broadcaster MTV played it several times a day. Recordings for the worldwide first ever video album followed at locations in Bali and Cornwall. Anita and Mike soon became a couple. The video album “The Wind Chimes” was launched in September 1988; the corresponding CD “Islands” had been available for sale since 1987. Anita performed the vocal parts of “The Wind Chimes Part One and Part Two” and sang three songs: “North Point”, “The Time Has Come” and “When the Night’s on Fire”. Anita’s and Mike’s daughter Greta was born in 1988. She inspired Mike to write the song “Innocent” from his album “Earth Moving”, which sung by Anita reached the top of the charts in Germany and several other European countries. Their son Noah was born in 1990. During the time she shared with Mike, Anita performed in European concert halls in front of 20,000 to 30,000 strong audiences and, together with Mike, appeared in the top European TV shows. In Germany, these included “Peter’s Pop Show”, Germany’s biggest TV show of the time, attracting an audience worldwide of 350 million as well as world class stars such as Bryan Adams, Whitney Houston, Natalie Cole etc, and Thomas Gottschalk’s popular “Wetten Dass” (I bet you), which reached an audience of 30 million. In Paris, Anita and Mike were presented with the “Diamond Award” for their music.They also performed in several of the biggest English TV shows together with Phil Collins, John Cleese, Michael Palin and Eric Idle, and were invited to HRH Prince Charles at his Windsor Castle together with Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall, Keith Richards, Shirley Bassey, Roger Moore, Midge Ure and Phil Collins. Bonnie Tyler joined Mike and Anita for a small tour in Europe, doing some big TV shows like The Diamond Awards in Belgium together with Cher, Princess Stephanie of Monaco and Brigitte Nielsen. Anita and Mike separated in 1991 and Anita and her two children returned to her Norwegian home, where she took a break from performing until 1994. In 1994, Anita launched her album “Voices”, which included some of her own texts and music. “Voices” comprises melodious rock and pop songs as well as Irish-Celtic influenced folk songs. In this album, Anita’s unique voice, which comfortably has a range of three and a half octaves, comes into its own. Anita herself regards the album as the artistically most satisfying recording she has ever produced. “Voices” returned Anita to the limelight and also to Germany. In 1996 Anita got involved in the dubbing of two more Walt Disney films. She voiced the part of the female lead (Jane) in “Tarzan and Jane” and, a year later, the part of the female lead (Megara) in “Hercules” where she also sang "Han er meg kjær". A tour with the Dizzie Tunes, one of Norway’s most successful musical show groups, followed between 1997 and 1998. They appeared 120 times, performing the revue “Dizzie og damene” in front of enthusiastic audiences. Anita returned to Germany once more in 1998. Based on reader/listener votes, the tabloid “BILD” and local broadcaster Radio Bremen presented the 50 most popular hits of all times, and Anita accepted the "Goldene Schlager-BILD CD" (Golden Pop-BILD CD) award on behalf of all the artists. "Schön ist es auf der Welt zu sein", the song she had sung together with Roy Black all those years before, was amongst the winners. “Candle in the Wind” a musical tribute to Elton John was the next show where Anita appeared as a solo singer. Between September and December 1998 she performed on stage over 80 times together with a number of other Scandinavian artists and a great orchestra. To huge applause from the audience, the show presented Elton John’s most famous songs. Anita was again guest in Germany in January 1999. She was invited to appear in the show “Die BILD-Schlagerkönige” (BILD “Kings of the Charts”) and to join one of the “Kings of the Charts” in the song “Schön ist es auf der Welt zu sein”. Over the following few months she only performed in Norway as she was expecting her third child. After her daughter Kaja was born, Anita took another break from show business in order to focus on her family. As the welfare of children is very close to her heart, she produced a CD of all her best children’s songs which was launched in 2000 under the title “Anitas beste barnesanger”. Anita dedicated the album to all Norwegian children. “We can learn a lot from you” she wrote on the cover. Her concern for the needs of children also led Anita to join Norwegian company Pinjata, which develops, produces and publishes educational and other computer games for children aged between 3 and 12 ( ). The most successful of these games centre around rabbit girl Josefine and her adventures with her friend Sofus and are designed to help children gain confidence in handling everyday experiences in their lives. Anita’s responsibility included media/radio/TV relations and marketing and she was also involved in the production of shows, songs and games. Together with her sister Renate she initiated the creation and marketing of “The Josefine Bread”, which is still available in Norwegian shops. During this time Anita also spent more time in Germany. She still mourns Roy Black, her wonderful childhood friend, and came specially for the various tribute shows that were broadcast on German television on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of his death in 2001. A further charity performance followed in 2002 when Anita was joined by a children’s choir in the song “Små Blomster" (Small Flowers) to support “Stine Sofies Stiftelse”, a Norwegian Trust aimed at protecting children against violence and abuse. Anita’s next visit to Germany came in November 2003 when she appeared in RTL television’s “The 70s Show”, presented by Hape Kerkeling. After an interview, Anita and Hape finished the programme with her old hit "Schön ist es auf der Welt zu sein". The terrible tsunami in December 2004 prompted Anita to join several other Norwegian artists in January 2005, who had come together as “Diverse Artister” in order to sing the song “Venn” (Friend) in aid of the tsunami victims. In July 2007 Anita joined Maxi Arland for one of his “Musikantendampfer” (Musical steamer) folk music shows on German television. During the last few years Anita has carried out various stage and concert engagements in Norway. In 2009 she celebrated her 40th anniversary on stage there, and yet again took part in the Norwegian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest with KeSera, a Norwegian rap group. In 2010 she thrilled her audience in Sandefjord with songs at the “Født i Sandefjord” (Born in Sandefjord) show. In the spring of 2011 Anita had the opportunity of welcoming several visitors from Germany. A team from the German broadcaster “ARD” filmed her in Norway on the occasion of her 40th anniversary on the Germany stage and her planned international comeback. The recordings were broadcast as part of the “Brisant” programme and Anita and her band introduced the song “Closer” from her new album “Starfish”. Several weekly magazines published articles on Anita and her comeback and travelled to Oslo for interviews and photos. Anita has been delighted with the visits from Germany and the continuing interest in her and her career. On 12 August 2011, at the Elverum festival, Anita launched her new "Starfish" CD in the presence of around 2,000 enthusiastic fans. The following October her Power Pop / Rock Album came out, and for over 40 weeks has now ranked among the top three in Finland's download chart, the country’s most comprehensive music download website with over 1.2 million songs. "Starfish" managed to maintain its No 1 position for 24 weeks and was No 2 for several weeks. By the way, "Starfish" is the only Norwegian album that has been so successful. In the autumn of 2011 on the occasion of her 40th stage anniversary, Anita and Chris Boltendahl re-recorded her title "Schön ist es auf der Welt zu sein" as a heavy metal version, which she presented it to her audience on 21 October. On 23 October 2011 Anita appeared in the ZDF show "Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel" (Welcome to Carmen Nebel) and enjoyed a reunion with her German fans, who had not forgotten her after all these years and had fond memories of her. 2012/2013 Anita was celebrating her 40th anniversary with her "Starfish" European tour. She still managed to thrill her audience; every show ended with standing ovations and Anita never left the stage without encores. Critics were taken with Anita's unique voice and her charisma. "She has a golden voice" or "She sings with unbelievable rock power and fascinates her audience" were some of the comments that appeared in the press time and again. Over and above this Anita is always happy to make time for visits from photographers and the press, whom she deals with in her usual friendly and open manner, always ready for photo shoots and interviews for publication in her Norwegian home or abroad. And what a huge success, “STARFISH” held, for nearly 40 weeks, the 1st position in the Norwegian downloading list from, Finland, containing 3366 Norwegian albums, 1538 bands/artists, 39563 songs including all the bestselling ones. The Television, media and of course the audience were thrilled with "STARFISH", this all-round successfully, fantastic Album. Interest in Anita in Germany also continues to be strong. In January 2012 Anita starred in the German TV chat show “Kölner Treff” (Meeting Point Cologne) and she appeared in celebrity magazines throughoutthe year. In September Anita was invited to be a VIP guest at the “Gold Star VIP Party” at the “Oktoberfest” in Munich.Despite her busy schedule Anita accepted the invitation and was reunited with numerous former colleagues and friends. The German media were also thrilled to see her again. It was only natural for Anita to take this opportunity to visit the grave of her old friend and duet partner Roy Black, who sadly died much too young. Anita also used her trip to meet up with Roy’s brother and his lovely wife and agreed to attend a photo session with Erwin Schneider, one of the most sought after German star photographers, who had already been to see her in Norway on a number of occasions. 2013 has already got off to a good start. In January Anita was guest in the German TV channel ARD in the Florian Silbereisen Show “Winterfest der fliegenden Stars” and The “frau aktuell” magazine delighted Anita’s German fans with an amazing colour spread in the first week of the year. On the whole 2013 was a very exhausting year for Anita.She was very busy in her home country of Norway and was celebrated by the most enthusiastic audiences in many fantastic shows. The press raved about her and she received brilliant feedback and top ratings from literally every member of the audience. In addition to her shows, numerous interviews with Anita appeared in the Norwegian and Swedish media, on radio stations and on Norwegian TV. Inbetween, on 07 June, a remake of Anita´s great childhood hit “Trollmannen Lurifiks”, with Captain Fredd and Berserk Band, came out as an MP3 download. On 12 October Anita was a guest at Eva Lutz´s Minx Fashion Night Charity Gala at the Würzburg Residence Palace in Germany. Anita, perfect as ever, and her excellent guitarist Tore St. Moren completely bowled their audience over. Both performed brilliantly and were not able to leave the stage without encore. At the end of November Anita was hired for two shows in Gran Canaria, where she also received standing ovations from her enthusiastic audience. 2014 to 2015 were very busy years for Anita. Although we didn´t hear very much from her in Germany, she was still very active. In Norway and internationally Anita appeared in front of enthusiastic audiences in many fantastic shows. She achieved a great press each time with positive feedback and best reviews from literally every listener. Over and above this, in 2014 she gave numerous performances to celebrate 45 years on stage and each time received huge cheers from the crowd. One of the high points in 2015 was Anita´s induction into the international Rockabilly Hall of Fame in Jackson, Tennessee. This honour is only awarded to the world´s greatest stars, chosen by a committee of music historians, and recognizes Anita´s more than 45-year-career in the international music business. In December 2015 Anita´s fans worldwide were thrilled when she published her new studio album, which she had produced in Oslo to celebrate her 45th-anniversary. Apart from the shows and her work in the studio, Anita was interviewed by the Norwegian and international press, radio stations and television. 2016 was not less busy and just as successful. Anita performed nationally and internationally (in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Thailand) and appeared in over 150 concerts, including 22 Christmas concerts with the Norwegian tenor Lars Hansen, as well as giving interviews to television, radio and press. In Germany Anita introduced her new album on both radio and television. In addition regional radio stations Radio Berlin and Antenne Brandenburg interviewed her about her extraordinarily long and successful career. During the Stefanie Hertel Show in September she performed her new Song “Kleiner Schatz” (Little Darling) and, with her daughter Kaya, presented a new version of her huge early hit “Schön ist es auf der Welt zu sein” (Great to be alive), which was met with massive cheers from a delighted audience. In November, invited by German TV channel ZDF, Anita and her family travelled to Germany for another television recording. With her daughters Greta and Kaya she starred in the show “Heiligabend mit Carmen Nebel” (Christmas Eve with Carmen Nebel) . The three Hegerlands sang the carol “Glade jul”, the Norwegian version of “Silent Night”, accompanied by Anita´s excellent guitarist Espen Rogne, who had also travelled from Norway. Anita´s granddaughter (just under 3 years old) was on the stage with them and enchanted the audience by her unselfconscious manner. Norwegian TV station NRK was proud to follow Anita to Germany in order to produce a documentary about her career and her stay there for a special broadcast. In 2017 Anita was invited to Pörtschach am Wörthersee/Austria as the guest of honour to the successfull film production company Lisa Film GmbH to their 50th anniversary. Also Anita was invited by the culture minister and the foreign minister to the Norwegian government building in Oslo. She was honoured for her big and very successfull career world wide as a good representative for Norway since 1968. Especially for Anita´s large Fan community in Gremany, her appearance in September 2018 in the popular TV-Show “Kulthits”, TV channel mdr in Leipzig/Germany, was another highlight. Anita performed her classics from the 80s “Pictures in the dark”, “Innocent” and “Moonlight Shadow” to an enthusiastic audience. Overall, 2017 and 2018 were very busy years. Anita enjoyed international great success with many live concerts, radio interviews and TV-appearances in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria and Germany. Representatives of the international press repeatedly reported om Anita. In 2019 Anita celebrates her 50th anniversary on the international music scene. In March, in Norway a festive gala evening with national and international guests from the show biz was already held. Anita´s family also invited close friends and colleagues. It was an unforgettable, magical and glittering feast night. Norway´s most popular magazine “Se og hør” presented a great feature about this wonderful event. Throughout the year Anita has performed many concerts and shows with joy and great success. After no artistic activities were allowed in 2020 due to the corona pandemic, Anita was able in 2021 and 2022 to complete a number of international performances with great success in compliance with the Corona regulations. In Germany , for example, she was a guest of honor at the Roy Black Gala inBobingen and appeared on television with great success on the popular Andy Borg Show. in Scandinavia Anita has had several performances and was also able to give concerts, which unfortunately couldn´t be like usual also because of the corona pandemic. When Anita appears on stage, it takes only a few notes for her to click with the audience and to create a magical atmosphere. Her fans across the world look forward to meeting her and listening to her golden voice at one of her concerts. Anita remains Norway´s solo artist with globally the highest number of album sales. She has sold more than 7 million records and won 26 Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum records. In addition, her songs have been part of over 30 million compilations worldwide. Even now, Anita´s fantastic voice still reaches three and a half octaves effortlessly. In addition to her singing career Anita also is working in the field of art. Her big talent as a painter has already received great attention. She presents her paintings on lots of exhibitions in Norway and Germany with big success. Again and again she gets inquiries to paint diverse paintings. Anita is glad that in the meantime a largely "normal" life is taking place again. For 2023, Anita has already confirmed many more booking requests in addition to her own shows and concerts. She is especially looking forward to the start of her "Tribute To Mike Oldfield" - Tour and seeing again all her worldwide fans.